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środa, 30 stycznia 2013
The last words in my blog

Today it is the time to say good bye. It looks yesterday 04-06-12 when I arrived to Katowice. My coordinator and my flatmate picked up me from the bus stop. My first impressions were not positive. The way to the place were I am living was long, I didn´t like to much my flat and my room was cold. The best impression that I had was my neighbourhood - Nikiszowiec-. When I get off from the bus my words were...uauuu AMAZING. 

The next day I visited the place where I have been working during my project. Bona Fides office. The environmental from the first time was great and still it is. 

How to start with the project was not easy, a lot of ideas came to us, we didn´t know which places to make a monitoring but finally Tourist information center of Katowice was our priority. 

Through monitoring I have learnt how to write my own articles and think how to attract peoples to read. An article must be clear, short and attractive. You will be stressful, you will change several times, even in the end you will not be sure, but when it´s publicated in internet or newspaper you will be happy and proud of you. 

Promote EVS in the schools made me to be more confident about myself. Share my experiences with students, inform them about this program and solve some questions  made me to think that they were interested it. 

English lessons, flamenco dance, football and polish lessons were other motivations in my project. I was happy sharing with another peoples some of my skills and learning another language and culture. 

In this city and after to live here for 8 months, I have my favourites places where I enjoy to much with my friends, where time passed fast and where a lot of memories will come with me. 

For drink I suggest to you "Akant", street Teatralna 9, next to rynek. It´s dark place but full of interesting things. I will not say nothing about the place, just visit it. 

If you are hungry I love to eat in " Dobra karma" street świętego Jacka 1. The food is delicious and cheap. 

My last week I have visited these places and I am sure that I will not find such places in nowhere. 

I am going to Spain sad and happy, sad because the peoples that I leave here and happy because Poland was wonderful experience and I grew because of it.

Poland!! remember that a piece of me is in Silesia Region. 


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sobota, 29 grudnia 2012
My EVS volunteering in Bona Fides. Unofficial report

I was European Voluntary Service volunteer in Bona Fides Association in Katowice, Poland for 8 months: Apr - Dec 2012.

During 8 months I was glad to take part in plenty of events. Here, in this report I want to list only those activities, where I DID something, not just attent, listen, observe.


I made monitoring of tourist places in Silesia Voivodship.

Tourist Information Center in Katowice:

Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Gory:

Historical Museum in Katowice:


I created blog Silesia Explorer referred to promotion of tourism in Silesia Voivodship. Concept, widgets, style - my contribution. I was author of 20 articles. Blog has more than 4000 views of readers from 67 different countries for 5 months of existence, 73 comments.

 I run facebook page of Silesia Explorer blog. 132 persons “like” this page.

I was author of this blog Obcokrajowiec na Śląsku as well. 18 articles.

Working process behind the screen:


I contacted with journalists.

Preparing information for journalists is not an easy thing. We wrote usually almost finished articles in media format. Hard-brain-working process:

Altogether there are 15 pieces of information in media about my and Maria's project activities (3 in radio, 2 in newspaper, 10 in internet web-sites).


I conducted 17 lessons (hours) of teaching English (elementary level) to citizens of Bogucice district in Katowice and leaders of neighbourhood initiative group Nasze Osiedle Ścigały.

My dear students:

One of incredible things connected with teaching: first time in my life when not I got some certificate, but I signed certificate.


I took part in preparation for happening “Car parking” of initiative group of citizens Nasze Osiedle Ścigały – painting with citizens stands with cars in frames of Community organizing project of Bona Fides.

These women wanted parking near their houses. They organized neighborhood party with collecting signs, journalists etc. They met with mayor of the city and presented their demands.

Now they have parking.

Now they want reconstruction of nearby park.


Presentations making, public speaking was my another developed skills during EVS. 

I carried out 10 lectures about EVS.

III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Adama Mickiewicza in Katowice:


Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr. II im. M. Konopnickiej in frames of project “Śląskie pozytywnie w Wolontariat“:

Liceum Zawodowe nr. 5 im. G.Morcinka in Szopienice, Katowice in frames of project “Śląskie pozytywnie w Wolontariat“:

Conference “Myślę więc planuję, w sukces celuję” in University of Silesia:

University of Silesia:

Zespół Szkół Handlowych im. Bolesława Prusa in Katowice:


I performed as a representative of Bona Fides during NGO Fair in frames of Gala Wolontariatu:

I helped in preparartion of Bona Fides activities at NGO Day in Katowice: collecting signs, EVS information, Ukrainian "kompot" treat, Ukrainian quotes, ballons, photos, posters etc.

I helped in organized by Bona Fides conference Przyjazny Urząd (Friendly Government). 

I worked at publication of former EVS volunteers of Bona Fides – creation of structure, correcting of text, checking English, cooperation with graphic designer.

I prepared meeting for Ukrainian group of young people with President of Bona Fides:

I worked as photographer at numerous events.

Once I made congratulation video for Bona Fides partner organization Student Youth Council from Georgia.

I assisted in recruitment of new volunteers of Program Wolontariat Dłufoterminowy (interview) and worker for Community Organizing project (assessment center).



In my volunteering I worked not only for and with Bona Fides. But other NGOs.

I took part in lessons for children (painting, hand work) in Szkoła Podstawowa im. Emilii Gierczak in Grodków in frames of project Wolontariat Studentcki "Projector":

I helped in festival "Młodzieżowy Festiwal Międzykulturowy" in Piekary Śląski in I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Króla Jana III Sobieskiego and Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury nr. 2.

Workshops I led: cooking – Ukrainian salad, "rose from tissue", painting on biscuits:

I took part in event "Rafting on plastic bottles" in Rogórznik, organized by Robert Schuman Foundation:

 Meeting "Summer with volunteers":

I served Volunteering stop during City Game (quest) "Fair Train" organized by Zespół Szkół Handlowych im. Bolesława Prusa in Katowice. We hosted 20 groups of young people in 3 hours, who needed quickly run from one point on map to another and do some task.

I conducted lecture about Christmas traditions in Ukraine for children after-school lessons in Szkola Podstawowa nr 15 im. Jana Pawła II:

It was great time!

 My first experience of living and working abroad. Fight with fear to start doing something new. Fight with laziness and facebook involvment during working hours. Inspiring time of making choice what do I want to do. 

wtorek, 06 listopada 2012

Sometimes you don´t need a lot of words for express what you feel. In this article it happend to Maria. 

One of the most sweets experiences in Poland was when I arrived to Angel house. Colorful place situated in 148 Gliwicka street (Katowice). Just open the door and all my memories about one of my best experience in Estonia back to mind. I lived the same feelings with kids from Estonia. It was two years ago but their faces, the noise in the corridors and their hugs I will never forget. With the same difficulty for communicate because of language, but with my heart full of happiness. 

One month ago, I had been invited to Angel house by Dobroslawa Egner. Spanish day was the reason why I was invited, and sharing with children this great day make me to grow. The aim of the Angel House is to care about the childrens with wrong behaviour, and the teachers try to solve or improve some problems with their family or with themselves. 

In this place they are able to eat for free. They have their own chef and they have an available kitchen as well. The chef´s help is important there, but also they can participate and make their own dishes. The person who cooks it´s friendy and lovely. I think he is use to work with this kind of childrens and the patience it´s his characteristic.


We arranged to cook Spanish food and when I got the place, they had already made " crema catalana". It´s not the typical dessert in Spain but it´s delicious and they were cooking very well. Then we started to make " Tortillas" for 20 persons at least. The childs helped me to cut the potatoes and we did. While we were cutting the potatoes I was surprised. One of the child came to me and started to sing Spanish song. " Para bailar la bamba" . It was surprise for me because he knew the song very good even how to spelling but another reason is that this song it´s very meaningful for me. 


Also while the tortillas were been cooking we were playing a Spanish cards game. To many persons wanted to play so we divide the tables in two groups. On my legs a small Kobieta was with me and we played together. I felt a mother for a moment !!

I didn´t have to much time because at half past five the should leave this place, so I couldn´t spend to much time with them. Sometimes I was stressfull, they were nervous about " flamenco dance" so I weared my typical dress and I showed them how we dance "Sevillanas". Their eyes were completly open and their faces looked like scared, maybe because I used a fan, or perhaps they haven´t never seen this kind of show. After ten minutes, most of them dissapeared from this room but the peoples how really loved it this dance they stayed there. They wanted to learn and they were interested, so I have tought them some choreography. We were laughing to much and enjoyed as well. 

After an half hour, the " Tortillas" were ready for eat. We were sitting in big table. The Tortillas look different than Spanish tortillas cause that I couldn´t be there and the chef made by himself. It´s was square and not to much fried but anyway excellent.  

When it was the time for leave I felt sad and with forward to returning. I realise that the teachers, Carolina and Ewelina really want to help them. I can say that for this kind of kinds this places are comfortable and they can find there the warm of their family.  




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niedziela, 30 września 2012

Can you enjoy more that me in few hours? 

One of the best event that I have participated in my EVS  


The date was 15-09-2012 in Dolina Trzech Stawów.

What Is it? Where will be? How will be? 

  • It was the day of all organisations in Katowice. 
  • It was in Kolina Trzech Stawów 
  • It was AMAZING. 


It wasn´t good because the place, the weather or whatever, it was wonderful because all Bona Fides was involve in this event. For 2 weeks we were thinking how to make it, which kinds of activities we wanted to prepare for adults, childs, etc. 

The environmental in the office for moments was nervious, stressful, emotional, with sad moments but the most important it´s that each of us spend time preparing this day. We had a lot of ideas in our minds and each day something new, orginal. The most valuable it´s that we learnt as well how to listen the opinion of another person. 

Each day we had something to do it: 

  • The first day we gave leaflet and posters in restaurants, pubs, etc in Mariacka street and around the Rynek in katowice. I didn´t like it. I was tired, bored but I felt that the workers of restaurants were interesting. 
  • The second day I liked more, because I knew news place where to go as pubs and restaurants.
  • The last day we distribute to people brochures in the street. The weather wasn´t good but it was quickly and good job. 

But not enough time to deal out all of them. 

The more funny moment was when my flatmate and me were painting T-shirts for our tent. I felt artistic this day. We were listening music in office and for me it´s was really harmony. 

Arkadiusz Wojciedchowski colaborated with me painting my foot for mark in my T-shirt. It was his idea. I was laughing to much because I have ticking in my foots. 

One of my T-shirt that I created looks like that. It was my favourite and I wear it in this event all day. 

Also we prepared candy for give to peoples.

Surprise !  Each candy had a sentence about Spanish filosopher, writers, typical traditions in Spain and in Ukraine too. These sentences were translate in Polish language and you could find the sentences in each languages. We put in the candys with ties. 

Of course I cooked my typical spanish dishe. TORTILLA. I made dwa tortillas. One with onion and the second without any addicional ingredients. 

I made good and it was delicious. 

I think they liked and I am so glad for that, because I made with all my effort. 

Here you have the prescription how to make tortilla in the best way. 

It´s eassy.....Experience it and suck your finger!!

This tortilla it was made in the morning and with the presence of a girl from Austria call: Lisa Vrech. I didn´t know her before she came to Katowice, but it was like If I spent with her more time. She visited Katowice for a weekend and I was her hostel :) 

It´s was great to share with her this time and of course this breakfast with "Manner", (exquisite cookies from own Austria) while I was cooking Tortilla. Mixs of culture: Spain and Austria. She spent this day with me, I was worry about her because maybe she could be bored, but I realise that not. I think she learnt something from me because I learnt with her and for sure I hope to meet with her in the future.  

 Great day was waiting for us!!

It was longer way for find the place where our event was, due to an another event about tuunning car close to our place. We were walking in wrong way, but finally after 40 minutes on foot we arrived. 

There weren´t a lot of peoples in the place. Cause of the traffic, some of the organisations arrived there late and the expectation about peoples was very low. 

Natalia Podbieslka girl who works hard and she loves everything perfect. :) 



Fortunately when we reach our tent was ready with all our stuffs. Thanks to Natalia Podbieslka and Ewa Kozub. 








At 13:00 pm the first Tortilla dissapeared. We were hungry and I think that Bona Fides workers liked it. But the personwho loved more was Joanna Podgórska-Rykala. Funny girl and optimistic girl all the time. 


 He loved tortilla as well. His face looks satisfied. 

The moment more expected arrived. They gave the opportunity to show flamenco. I danced three songs. Two of them were typical dance from my region " Andalucía" called Sevillanas. The last one that I showed was pure flamenco. I used fan and shawl. Tatiana helped me to put a Spanish flag in the stage. Thanks. 

I was nervious and excited but I felt like at home for a moment. For me it was impression that they wrote in the poster my name. I was a star jijij

The stage was wide and even they turn on the effect of fume. 

I have videos but Unfortunatly I can´t dowload here. 


I was making bubbles with childs. Difficult but possible. 




I draw their faces. It was funny and I think that I enjoyed more than them. Te most famous character that they chose was tiger. In the beggining some of them were afraid and shy but then happy. 


 Our leaflet about our blogs ( Tatiana and my) also were populars. Young peoples took it and we hope that they have visited us in internet too. 


Agata Hofelmajer- Rós situated in the middle of these ladies. Great woman with big heart and with the power of do it everything that she wants. She was involve in this event during long time and sometimes stressfull as well. Now she is not worker of Bona Fides and I miss her everyday more. 





Dagmara Kubik and Janina Piwowarczyk. Big caracter and with the aptitude to solve some problems in a neighbourhood situated in Katowice. Cooperating together in a Community in which Dagmara is the responsible.






My coordinator Ewa Kozub: Patience responsable, positive and understandable  person. I love her. 

In the afternoon, all organisations should dump balloons to the sky. All balloons had a paper where the organisations wrote the best wishes.  

In this picture we can observe BONA FIDES balloon.

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czwartek, 20 września 2012
Monitoring of Tourist Information Center in Katowice

Good advice for everybody: if you travel, first what you should do in new place - come to Tourist Information Center. Could have different names like City Information Center, Visitor center or just Information, but idea is the same: local government spends money from Promotion function for helping tourists. 


From my experience you can ask a lot of stupid questions: I Norway I asked "We don't have money, but we need to find place for sleep, to eat and to entertain ourself. What should we do?", "Where is a good place on the highway for hitchhiking?". In Sweden I asked "Where can I put tent for free and sleep inside of the city?". Actually you can ask about everything connected with life in the city and country "How to use stupid system of public transport?", "Where to drink good beer?", "How to get from this point to this point?", "What interesting events are now in the city?" etc.

Everywhere workers should give you map of city for free (if somewhere not - please, inform me, I will do monitoring!))) Workers should speak foreign languages (if not -the same request).

Normally Tourist Centers are situated in city center in crowdy place (main square or main street) or in bus/train station.

If you drop in Tourist Information, be prepared for the flow of literary garbage of free postcards, newspapers and brochures. Normally in Tourist Information sells lots of souvenirs with promotional logo of the city/country (what makes troubles because of a lot of visitors, like in Wroclaw, Poland), beautiful books with pictures. If you like this cute tradition, you can buy stamp and send postcard (not needed to go to another government institution - post office) here.

In modern world people travel a lot and spend money on this, so Tourist Informations start to be more and more popular. In one small Polish Silesia we have here 53 Tourist Information Centers!!! That's true, though some of them are combined with Cultural Centers or Museums. 


So our monitoring of Tourist Information Center in Katowice was done. Here are fragments of letter to the director and my analysis of results of meting with him:

 1. We spoke that Tourist Information Center doesn't work on Sunday and has shorter day on Saturday, but majority of tourists (and Polish, and foreign) travel on weekends. As for me that's obvious.

The answer of director surprised us. There is no sense to work on Sunday, because there is no visitors. In working day there are totally 100-150 visitors, and 85 % of them are habitants of Katowice, who come to take free newspaper or ask for direction. On weekends amount of visitors is twice less.

We think that Katowice has much more tourists. But they just don't know about existance of Tourist Information Center or can not find it. Being a tourist you usually enjoy the city and enter Tourist Information Center when you just mention (not planned) it while making photos in front of monuments and behave typically touristically. How do people find it? Tourist Information is just situated in popular place and designed to attract attention.

 2. Tourist Information Center in Katowice definitely doesn't attract attention. Having renovation of main square Rynek already for 1 year, and being at least till 2015, Tourist Information Center is difficult to mention in all this chaos. 

We told to director that it is good idea to put bigger sign on the wall of the building, for what we had answer that current sign is enough.

Check, if you find in this picture Tourist Information Center?


Yes, it has huge "i". But it is illuminated only in darkness when Tourist Information Center doesn't work.

Several of our friends had problems with finding of Tourist Information office even being in Rynek and searching for it for purpose. We arranged meeting near Tourist Information Center; one person was waiting near theather, another - near Galerea Skarbek - building just next to Tourist Information Center. We retold these stories to director, for what he answered that after the reconstruction of Rynek, here is a plan to install constant street signs showing direction to Tourist Information office. In 2015. What should tourist do before? With whom does Tourist Information work now?

 3. But what we were talking about, if Tourist Information Center in Katowice in Nikiszowiec- honestly the only place worth to visit in Katowice - doesn't have sign at all. No sign at all. You just walk the street: here is some bank, museum, post office. How could you know that inside of one door is hidden Tourist Information Center?! 

The reason is bureaucracy in institutions of conservation of architecture. It is not allowed to put sign on wall without hundreds of permissions. It was even created new design, more proper for historical athmosphere of Nikiszowiec. 

But director told that long negotiation process now is close to finish and sign will appear in end of August 2012. Now is end of September 2012. No sign.

  4. Another point of our meeting was connected to public transport in Katowice region, served by companies KZK GOP and MZKP. One day we will arrange meeting with those companies, but now we want Tourist Information to help tourists to understand how does this public transport system works.

We propose to publish leaflets with small leaflets with address of web-site http://www.kzkgop.com.pl/  http://rozklady.kzkgop.pl/index.php?co=rozklady  and short description how to use public transport and web-site, what kind of tickets exists, how to buy tickets.

Using Spanish experience we also proposed to publish brochure with information about all public transport in Katowice area. Brochure must include information about the number of a bus, list of all stops, timetable for each stop in 2 directions, timetable for working days, Saturday and Sunday. Because of large number of buses (around 350) brochures could be created for specific districts, e.g. all buses go to Gliwice, all buses go to Tarnowskie Góry, Zabrze etc. Brochure should include visual map of all routes and names of bus stops.

Director was glad with this idea, and told that such brochures will simplify his work as Tourist Information worker - it will be not needed to explain long and boring to people how to get to some place.

So what? We made our work. Now it depends on director's strenghts to implement his promises and on citizens of Katowice. Are you interested to attract more tourists to develop your city?

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środa, 19 września 2012
Monitoring of tourist places: Tarnowskie Góry Silver Mine

Between 2 museums historical mines in Tarnowskie Góry there is no public transport connection. Director of mines agreed to make signed walking trail, which could be useless without printing of maps.


Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Gory was our next direction. We came there to feel themself underground in limited place, to bend our back, to ride boat along underground river, to make dirty our shoes, to freeze, to walk in dark and horrible place. And to pay actually a lot of money for this wondeful pleasure - 30 PLN. And to nervous before - we were not sure, if museum could take us despite we didn't reserved place in huge flow of tourists. Though we enjoyed our trip very much, and we recommend this experience to all out friends. Read in our touristic blog Silesia Explorer and see more photos.

So, it was great experience. But. Being volunteers of Bona Fides, we can not be fully satisfied with anything - we were searching for some discomfort we faced with. And it was.

Beeing brave persons, we had a plan to visit two mines in Tarnowskie Gory during day - to visit also the mine Black Trout Adit (pol. Sztolnia Czarnego Pstraga). But to go there you should take 2 buses, and buses don't go here often. Having only 5 km between mines,we could walk there for 1 hour, but there is no road.

We wrote to director of Silver Mine letter about our problems and propositions to change.

1. Sign: How to get to museum from Tarnowskie Góry city center

 Public transport doesn’t go directly to Silver Mine from Katowice. We think that it could be helpful to put on the bus and train stations signs (stand, table) with short information about museum, what bus (number) to take to go to museum from what stop (name), what stop to get off (name), time table of buses.  Also must be added map with route how to get on foot and by bicycle.

Director's answer was that now there is the construction of new bus station. Before there was a sign. And after construction will be. During this one touristic year there is no need and money to install tempopary sign or reinstall old one.

2. English

Workers, who sell tickets don’t speak English. Though part of them speak German.

The guide of mine should explain in Polish and in English in the same conversation in case there are foreign tourists. It not necessary to translate all information but just the most important ideas. 

We were just unlucky to come to date when English speaking person has day off.

3. Advertisement of Black Trout Adit

Though guide told us about another mine in Tarnowskie Góry, and web-site is the one for Black Trout Adit and for Historic Silver Mine, on the wall of big hall or outside near the entrance should be putted big table or stand encouraging visiting Black Trout Adit.

Also could be created some discount system if you buy tickets for both museums.

There is no need to advertise more second museum, because the major type of visitors is school groups on bus. If group comes it usually visits both museums. And school groups have discount.

In our discussion the argument of school groups as the most popular client appeared all the time. Comfortable clients! They don't need signs, English, public transport.

4. Signs: How to get to museum Black Trout Adit from Silver Mine and visa versa

Previous proposition will not work with creation good transport connection between 2 museums.

So it’s advisable to print leaflets, to put on the wall in big hall and/or outside near the entrance to museum the table or stand with this information:

  • route on the map how to reach second object by car (to add GPS coordinates), on foot and by bicycle (if there is no bicycle road – why not to create it?!
  • information how to use public transport to reach the object: what bus to take from what bus-stop, what bus-stop to get off. It’s preferably done with timetable and prices.

Director informed that their association has been negotiating with MZKP (part of KZK GOP) for 5 years about creation of public transport connection between Silver Mine, Black Trout Adit and Aqua Park, but no result. Private business also is not interested in establishing of mini buses, because most of visitors are school groups by bus, persons by private car .

Director sees the way of solving this problem: creation of walking trail. Trail already exists, but it is needed to put signs of the way to mark the trail. Organization planes their budget in such way: this year they renovate (paint) Skansen Maszyn Parowych (exhibition of old machines, wagons). Next year they want to start doing this trail. Association will apply for money support of regional government (pol. Urząd Marszalkowski) for walking trail project.

To our point of view creation of signs on trail will help a little, but without print of map of this trail it will not solve the problem. Director didn’t agree with us.

5. Security 

When we went down by lift into the mine we didn´t feel confident because the guide had not informed us about absence or presence of stairs, and we couldn´t see them with our own eyes. Some people have panic to get on a lift; if some accident happens or fire can be induced inside the mine, it would be impossible to access up. In the beginning of route is important to inform about that and also required to install a signs with the direction to the stairs.We have still doubts if stairs exist or not, but if are not - this mine is dangerous.

Other problem is the helmets size. They  should be adapted to each head size. For my friend it was too smaller and she felt uncomfortable. Also when we were into the mine some guy crashed on the roof and his helmets throw away because it was bigger.

Stais are, but they should be hidden, in order not to have wish of some visitor to go somewhere without guide.

Helmets have function of regulation of size. Director was surprised that guide didn't inform us. Guides should not only inform, but check by hands if helmet sits well.

6. Cold temperature and watery floor information

Without proper clothes 1 hour in 10°C mine could harm health. I didn’t realize that it is cold till I get off the lift underground, though I was visiting web-site and spent  45 min in the hall waiting. Coming home after museum after detailed examination I found on web-site information about 10°C. It is better to replace information on web-site about temperature visibly close to opening hours and prices for tickets. Near 10°C sign it is recommendable toput picture of a jacket. Temperature information and jacket picture also should be on the walls in the entrance hall and room for sell tickets. Also sellers and guides should warn visitors about temperature. In summer time to establish service – renting jackets for money or for free – seems to be good idea.

Also floor in mine is watery. Of course visitors in slippers and sandals are also welcomed, butinformation about watery floor must be add at the same place as about temperature.

There is sign with temperature on web-site. If to put a lot of signs in hall - museum would be not a historical mine, but Disneyland. Director wants to keep respectable athmosphere.

Though he agreed to install sign on parking. Person just come, leave car, see sign, remind that he/she should come back to car and take clothes. 


That was our second meeting with responsible persons from tourist institutions to discuss our propositions in our volunteering work. Quite nice experince. After 2 hours of talking we got amazing brainwash about advantages and good work of mine, presents, but also answers to all our questions, and information which we passed to journalists. Read what Katowicke Echo Miasta wrote about this.

And we keep doing our monitoring.

12:02, stowarzyszeniebonafides , Tetiana
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poniedziałek, 17 września 2012

The day 18/08/12 I wanted to withdraw money from cash machine belong to ING bank.

When I tried to take money the cash machine stuck my credit card and I didn´t know what to do it and also it was Sunday. The first idea in my mind was to wait till Monday and go to the bank. I was worried because I didn´t know what it will happen or if someone can have access to my credit card.

I asked in Bona Fides (my office) and they suggest me to go with some Polish people because in this bank they don´t speak english at all. Previous volunteers went there and they had problems with language.

The day 21/08/12 I went to the bank and I asked to a lady. She didn´t know english. She told me that I should wait for a moment and in less than 2 minutes I was attended by a worker. She was sympatic and with knowledge in english. She asked me what happened to me and I said to her my problem. She told me that it´s not happen just to me and I had to wait 14 days. She asked me if I have account in this bank but I replied not. Also I asked her if she needed my identity card but she told me not. I was satisface with her but....

After 15 days I went again to the bank and with the hope to take my credit card..

In the bank two workers asked to me but anyone could speak in english. Again, I was waiting for another girl. Her name was Martyna Wajs. After 10 minutes she came and we started to talk. The information that I got it was that my credit card was missing. She told me that maybe this machine splash out my card and somebody took it. For me it was strange situation and I started to make a lot of questions. How was possible? I was waiting there for 10 minutes and I didn´t see nothing. Who will cover this problem if somebody took it and stole my money? Why I had to wait for 14 days? Can you imagine that I am not living here and I am turist for 1 day?

Her answers were: 

  • Can be possible because it´s machine and sometimes doesn´t work correctly.
  • If somebody took your card and stole your money it´s not my problem, it is the problems of your spanish bank because you don´t have password for everything.
  • We are not responsable of this machine and the owner of this company took it this cards each 14 days. For this reason you must wait for long time
  • The last question she told me that she understood me but she can´t do it nothing. After 2 months you can come again and maybe we found it your credit card.  

I was angry and I said to her that  I will cancel my bank account.

I was worried and I was talking with my boss and with my mother too. My boss told me that he will call to journalist and I have to write articule about this problem.

The journalist call the bank and  my credit card appear. I couldn´t understand it !!

I wrote an article and it was publicate on newspaper in  "Gazeta.pl".

If you would like to read more about that, here you have the link.

The worker of ING bank gave to my boss her number for make an appointment with her.

On 13/09/12 I decided to go to the bank and talk with her about everything because I was confused. So I was talking with her and she told me that the problem it is that there are new workers in the office and they didn´t know about the period that the people should wait, etc.  

For solve the problem I got a wallet, my old credit card and of course few times sorry.

I realised that:



13:53, stowarzyszeniebonafides , Maria
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środa, 29 sierpnia 2012

 EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE is a program that not just make you to live 9 months in the same city or with a specific organisation, give you the oportunity of enjoy one week in the capital of Poland with another volunteers that they are doing EVS in this country.

During this week I improved to much, I knew myself but specially I learnt to much with the persons around me. All persons presents in this trainning had to much knowledge and each of them have a big spirituality and big talent to change this world.

The sames words were pronunced for me in the end of this week, but now I can write with power. In that moment I couldn´t talk. Each moment lived in Warsaw meant something interested for me.

  • I have to name two persons that were our trainner  during this week. For their sympatique, for their aptitude, for their interested in teaching and for understood each situation that we had.


  • A greeting for my roommate Mavile Ablaeva because a despite of her shyness is a girl who make me feel confortable in our room and she demostrated me that she has big heart. All week close to her was cool and if I will have the opportunity to live with her again I will do it with my closed eyes.

  • For my team "Ámene Yalarem" say to them the same that I said " it´s not goodbye". We will live to much moments together because in this consist the friendly and the more beautiful that I learnt of you it´s that I can give you the same that I will receive adn I received.. FOR ME IT´S REALLY IMPORTANT. I will be here for everything that you need and my home it´s your home.



  • This city Warsaw Capital of Poland, has a old town. It is wonderfull and with a extensive park really meaninfull for me. The name of this park is "Ujazdowski" in which I was during three hours thinking in my life, missing my family, friends and I felt very gratefully with myself. I piked up some flowers that I want to make for a painter and in the future put it in my house. I love the city, the people from there, but in my opinion there was a Sovietic Air and it´s bigger city for me. They have interesting place to visit but Krakow for me it´s better.




Doing a global evaluation I have to said that of this trainning I got person really important for me. But for another hand during this days I wanted to spend more time with some people and we couldn´t. We had sad times, laughing times , happyness moments and I realised that I don´t need to much time for know a person and to know that they will be part of my friendship.

Thanks for this amazing week.


15:25, stowarzyszeniebonafides , Maria
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poniedziałek, 20 sierpnia 2012

In this moment I want to share with you one of the days more pity and dark that I have had in Poland.

My interest for this place started one day 9 years ago when I watched with my best friend the movie " The pianist". I couldn´t understand nothing and I remember that my friend was crying without stopping. For me didn´t mean nothing but I remember this day as it was yesterday.

From this moment all movies about Nazis and Jews were interesting for me and I have seen most of them: " The boy in the striped pyjamas" it is one of my favorite film, " The list of Shindler" I have seen after to visit the museum in Krakow, etc.

Living in Poland and interesting in this history as if I was part of that, I want to catch the most information possible and for this reason AUSCHWITCH is the place where I understood the most disaster happened in the Second War World.


Having to 1 hour by bus from where I live I have been in this concentration camp two times in two months. The first visit it was with my flatmate and with her friends from Ukraine and the second visit it was with my friend from Spain. Never I will forget these days. We went there by train from Katowice to Oświęcim. When we arrived there we were informed that after 15:00 it´s for free.

We went inside without guide but I bought a small guide in Spanish language. The entrance of this camp it was the same that I saw in some movies, I read in books, internet, etc. With biggest lyrics you can read in Germany language " Arbeit Mach Frei" it mean " The work will set you free". For curious people: In the word Arbeit you can see that the letter B it´s in different position. Why? it´s because the autor who create this sentence wasn´t agree with the conditions of this camp and he wanted to share it like that.

Inside of this camp, you can find 28 building which had different goals and where Jews people spent all their time. The camp is surrounded by a fence of thorns and electricity. The compartments more important are numbers 5, 15, 10 and 11. The number 15 it´s about Jews from Poland. In this building you can find the history of Poland, articles writing by Hitler, by Jews that survived to this camp, etc, etc. In the other buildings you must be strong for the situation because in them you will check how they were living, the materials that the Nazis used to kill them, their hairs that were cutting before go inside to the camp, glasses, baggages, clothes, shoes.... puafff. Come and you will see!!.




Outside you can visit the gas chambers, the crematorium and also a wall where they were killed.

To finish just I want to tell you that the number of people who died under German hands were more or less 2.000.000 millions and they were from differents countries including child, gypsies, woman and men but all of them Jews. I think that this quantity it´s very higher and for any reason and even for be from another religion nobody in this world must die of this form.

My heart was closed for 3 hours and my tears wanted to go out each seconds. Now I have a Spanish book that I bought there. The title is "I have survived for telling it" and each night I have to read a little bit.


Sometimes I feel pain and I am sad but also I am realizing that we have to live happy, each moments and how much we can because life it´s going fast and in 1 second can change your life.




12:13, stowarzyszeniebonafides , Maria
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wtorek, 14 sierpnia 2012
New blog about tourist places "Silesia Explorer"

We decided to separate our blogging work. We establish new blog - more official, about tourist places in Silesia. New blog "Silesia Explorer" will be interesting for foreigners who want to come to Poland, to Silesia and need advice how to spend interesting time here. For Polish people new blog could be a fresh look at their home.

Here in this blog we continue to write about our EVS volunteering experience, funny stories, office work.

So join Silesia explorer!



Facebook page:


15:31, stowarzyszeniebonafides
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